ALPENTHERME GASTEIN is a health resort with thermal springs, which is located in Bad Hofgastein in Austria.

The slogan Alpentherme is: “Entertainment and health in 100% thermal water”, which means that relaxation and recreation at this famous Austrian spa resort are guaranteed. Alpine water world Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein will satisfy every your desire. Guests who are looking for relaxation and tranquility, as well as those who crave wonderful experiences, all find exactly what they want on this modern spa resort in the Salzburg region.

alpentherme gastein spa

Types of health and relaxation services Alpentherme are so diverse that it is difficult to enumerate everything, so we list only the basic ones, here are some of them:

  • Alpentherme spa resort and sauna
  • Sport and fitness
  • Beauty and massages
  • Cure and rehabilitation

For all types of services there is a flexible system of payment, discounts and special offers. Also each direction of rest in the thermal complex Alpentherme is conducted by high-level specialists with many years of experience.

Address and contacts Alpentherme in Bad Hofgastein

Name: Alpentherme Gastein
Address: Sen.-W.-Wilflingplatz 1, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, Austria
Phone: +43 (0) 6432 / 8293-0
Working hours: Sunday-Wednesday 9.00 -21.00; Thursday-Saturday 9.00 -22.00

Specificity of thermal water in Alpentherme Gastein

Water from Gastein hot springs is the basis for therapeutic approaches at the Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Bad Hofgastein. Thermal water comes from 16 springs at the foot of Graukogel in the amount of about 1 million liters per day. Warm water is poorly mineralized and enriched with natural radon. Due to the unique composition of water, therapy sessions with its use stimulate the body’s immune system. The natural heat of water used in the treatment in Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein also helps improve blood circulation.

The analysis of water from the hot springs of Gastein, conducted by the Institute of Physiology and Balneology of the University of Innsbruck, contains the following indicators:

  • Source temperature: 46,8 C
  • Volume: 2475 m3 / 24 h
  • Radon content: 40 nCi / liter

Chemical analysis  1 kg of spring water contains:

Sodium 78,00 mgSilicic acid meta 52,30 mgHydrogen carbonate 60,41 mg
Potassium 3,04 mgBoric acid meta 0,70 mgChloride 24,68 mg
Lithium (1991,EGLE) 0,186 mgFluoride 5,40 mg
Calcium 19,72 mgSulfate 124,14 mg
Magnesium 0,83 mg
Iron 0,08 mg



Organic substances in thermal water were found only in very small quantities. The water from the hot springs of Gastein meets the requirements laid down in the Austrian laws on spa. The water temperature at the source, as well as in the area where it is used, is 46 C. This figure is much higher than the required minimum value. Healing waters Alpentherme significantly exceed the minimum content of special elements necessary for the healing effect, which makes this thermal water extremely useful for the human body. In terms of medicinal qualities, the water in Bad Hofgastein can only be compared to the sources of Felsentherme in Bad Gastein.

Therapies with water from the Gastein hot springs

Everyone can improve their health and well-being during a holiday in Alpentherme. Water from hot springs Gastein is slightly mineralized and contains natural noble gas, radon, which is absorbed through the respiratory tract and skin. Penetrating the body radon, due to weak radiation, activates the body’s immune forces and restores the functions of cells. After performing the health function, radon is completely destroyed in just a few hours. At the same time, the beauty of the procedures is that a positive effect can be felt for up to one year. The most important medical indications for recovery in Alpentherme:

  • Inflammatory rheumatic ailments (Bechterew’s disease, arthritis)
  • Degeneration of the spine and joints
  • Pain caused by disc problems
  • After-effects of injuries and accidents
  • Chronic pain conditions, fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • General regeneration and strengthening of the immune system

It should be noted that, first of all, thermal waters are useful for people with the above problems and all those who wish to strengthen their health and immunity. Feel how pleasant it is to immerse in warm mountain water at any time of the year after active skiing or a long walk in the mountains.

Activities in Alpentherme

  • SPA and sauna – if you like spending time in the sauna, you will surely feel as home in Alpentherme. Different kinds of saunas and steam baths – from the Finnish sauna to the salt grotto – invites you to relax.alpentherme gastein spa
  • Sports and fitness – whether you are an absolute beginner in training, or you want to push your fitness limits during your visit to the resort: Sports World of Alpentherme Gastein offers individual programs for all target groups. The Alpentherme fitness center has the latest training equipment, as well as professional fitness trainers, who will provide you with all the help you need and offer a wide range of exercises for different muscle groups.
  • Beauty and massages – in Alpentherme you will be offered treatments for both women and men, individually adapted to the individual needs of the body and soul. In addition to the classic facial and body treatments, the Beauty Residenz team offers many new methods of skin care and body care rituals. A wide selection of massages also complements the treatment program, which you can enjoy during your stay in our beauty salon Alpentherme.
  • Cure and rehabilitation – an important component of therapy programs in the Gastein Valley is healthy thermal water, but this is not the only advantage. In Alpentherme there is a special group of medical specialists and during your therapeutic program, you will always be under the supervision of experienced doctors. They will follow you at every step, and provide you with information regarding the questions about the different treatment options. There is also a special therapy program for athletes.

Prices in Alpentherme spa and other services

Package nameWhat’s IncludedPrice
  • All-day admission to the Spa & Sauna World and fitness-center
  • 1 Alpentherme bathing bag
  • 1 fitness shake
  • 10 % discount coupon for beauty treatments &
  • massages (for treatments worth € 30.00 or more, purchase of
  • beauty products not included)
  • Day ticket to thermal spa and Sauna World
  • Relaxation & Activity programme
  • Dish of your choosing at the self-service restaurant, 0.5 l bottle of Gasteiner Elements water
  • Day ticket to thermal spa and Sauna World
  • Relaxation & Activity programme
  • Therapeutic partial massage (25 min.) incl. time for undressing and dressing
  • Day ticket to thermal spa and Sauna World
  • Relaxation & Activity programme
  • Voucher worth 35 Euros for beauty treatments & massages
  • 1 all-day admission per person to the spa resort and sauna world
  • Relaxation & Activity programme
  • 1 glass each of prosecco
  • 1 massage each (25 min.) incl. time for undressing and dressing

All prices listed include VAT and are valid from 1st December, 2017 till November 30, 2018 or until revoked. Typographical errors excepted.

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