FELSENTHERME is a health resort in Bad Gastein, which has about 17 thermal springs with a healing effect.

The guests in Felsentherme note that they feel the calming effect of water and incredible relaxation after actively spending time on the ski track or after a long trip to the mountains. Specialists also prove that thermal water has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and relieves muscle overload, thereby stimulating the fastest recovery of the body.

Address and contacts of Felsentherme in Bad Gastein

Name: Felsentherme Bad Gastein
Address: Bahnhofplatz 5, 5640 Bad Gastein
Phone: +43 (0) 6434-2223-0
Email: office@felsentherme.com
Working hours: daily from 9.00 -21.00
Official site: link to the site

Features of thermal waters in Felsentherme

After 3000 years of traveling through the mountainous layers of Hohe Tauern, the thermal waters of Felsentherme are knocked out to the surface of the earth. At an altitude of 1100 m directly in the Gastein Valley, about 17 sources enriched with valuable minerals supply the unique SPA Bad Gastein.

This is truly a magical place: invigorating and restoring, the only one of its kind. Many understand that health is the most valuable thing that a person has, and the strength of hot water Gastein, as well as possible, strengthens and restores health. Thermal sources are particularly suitable for restoring tired cells and harmonizing body functions. Arriving in the thermal water, yours tired muscles relax, blood circulation is stimulated, after which you are again full of strength and energy and ready for new achievements.

Having been enriched with minerals and positively charged over hundreds of years, the thermal water here helps to provide the body with much needed oxygen. Every day this rich and invigorating water flows at different temperatures through the various pools and baths of the complex.

Table of the characteristics of thermal water in Felsentherme

Water temperature44,3˚C
Hydrogen sampleph 8.0 at 44,3˚C
Electrolytic conductivity44/ms at 20˚C
Total hardness2,96 d’H
Radium(Ra-226) 1,2 kBq/m3
Radon*(Rn-222) 661 kBq/m3
NOTES: Radon has been removed from the water in the swimming pools in order to comply with legal requirements

How the healing effect was achieved in Felsentherme and for whom is it effective?

Thanks to the special combination of thermal water Gastein with its natural warmth and healing height Hohe Tauern, a positive effect of thermal treatment in Bad Gastein was achieved. According to research by Professor Ritter, the therapeutic properties of Felsentherme thermal waters are recommended for people with the following ailments:

  • Chronic pain and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Disorders of regeneration, circulation and immunological balance of the skin.
  • Dysfunction of the respiratory tract.

Even in the absence of indications for treatment, Gastein thermal water strengthens the protection of your body, relieves fatigue and is a source of well-being and health.

The positive effect of radon – the scientific justification

Inert gas Radon in thermal water, thanks to soft Alpha-radiation, activates the self-healing of the body. The mechanism starts cell’s renewal again, free radicals contribute to the production of serotonin, which positively affects your well-being. These multidirectional effects on the body counteract chronic inflammation and allergies, and lead to pain relief. The Alpine height of Bad Gastein additionally supports positive effects. All this allows the thermal waters of Felsentherme in Gastein to achieve extremely effective natural therapy for a variety of diseases.

Additional services in Felsentherme

As we noted at the beginning, Felsentherme is a health complex, so there are a number of other general health-strengthening activities besides thermal springs, these include:

  • SPA – with 8 different saunas, located on 600 m2 of area. There are saunas with panoramic views of the mountains, and in the form of a salt cave
  • Fitness. A fitness center of 150 m2 in Felsentherme Bad Gastein is equipped with the most modern equipment for sports fans. The jogging track, dumbbells, and many other simulators await your personal training. Visiting the fitness area is also possible without entering the spa. Access is restricted to persons who have reached the age of 18!
  • Massage. A great spa day is just perfect when you also take some time for a massage. Bathing in the thermal waters of Bad Gastein and massage is an ideal combination. To visit the massage you need to register by phone +43 (0) 6434 2223 111 or email info@felsentherme.com.
  • Aqua-gymnastics. For lovers of physical exercise in the water, Felsentherme offers a special occupation by aqua-gymnastics. For the training there is a suitable pool and trained instructors.

After going through all the health-improving activities, it would be nice to be refreshed, to give the body the necessary additional energy. For those who want a tasty meal, Felsentherme offers to use its restaurant. The menu of the restaurant offers a variety of dishes: from a classic Viennese schnitzel with pasta to home-cooked dishes. There is also a large selection of seafood and a large salad bar. Opening hours: daily from 10.00 – 19.00.

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