Ginger n ‘Gin Address: Kaiser Franz Josef-Strasse 14, Bad Gastein 5640, AustriaGinger n 'Gin Bar & Restaurant
MOBIL: +43 (0) 660 8668430
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Ginger n ‘Gin is located in the historic building of the Hotel de l’Europe, which gives this restaurant the perfect blend of culture and nightlife. Due to its location on the elevated point of the historic center, in the immediate vicinity of the night district of Bad Gastein and at the same time in absolute silence, Ginger n ‘Gin has become a favorite destination for both visiting and local residents. From the windows of the building you can admire the famous waterfall and the surrounding mountain landscape. Ginger n ‘Gin is one of the best and most impressive restaurants in Bad Gastein.

Ginger n ‘Gin is, in fact, a restaurant, a lunch club and a cocktail bar with the slogan “What you did not expect.” In the bar with the halls of Wienersaal and Nibelungesaal, every evening guests of the city, and not only, spend unforgettable evenings in the nocturnal Bad Gastein. This place is known far beyond the borders of Austria. If you are wondering about the dishes that are served here, and the prices, you can take a look at the menu below.

Menu Ginger n’ Gin


Chilli mussels€ 8,50
Ginger n‘ Gin Sushi Plate€ 12
Asian Soup with Vegetables€ 4,50
Ginger‘s Homemade Wonton€ 7,50
Tuna & Avocado Salad „Ceasar“€ 12,50
Mini Spring Rolls — Homemade€ 7,50
Steak Sandwich€ 10


Beef Steak 250g€ 29
Beef Steak 150g€ 21
Hot and crispy Chicken Stick€ 16
Large Tuna & Avocado Salad „Ceasar“€ 16
Sticky Ribs€ 16
Asian Pulled Pork€ 15,50
Thai Curry Wok€  12,50
Ginger‘s Falafel Box€ 11
Blackened Tuna€ 26
Smoked Norweigian Salmon€ 21


White Cholocate Ceasar€ 6,50
Ginger style Apple Strudle€ 7
Chocolate Love€ 7,50