Project Description

Theme Hiking Paths

A wide variety of theme hiking paths make Gastein Valley a truly special hiking experience, also providing interesting, useful information on different topics relating to the nature and culture of Gastein.

Biotope Hiking Path, Places-of-Power Path

from the mountain station of the Fulseck lift via the Heumoosalm and Grabnerhütte, and on the Mushroom Path to the mid station. Ride back down on the gondola. Guided hikes are offered. Discover places of natural power, and try your hand at using a pendulum with the assistance of an expert.

Geomancy Hiking Path

between Klammstein (Dorfgastein) and Sportgastein (Bad Gastein). Alongside the Gasteiner Ache, a river which is essentially the spine of the entire valley, stand nine stone sculptures at seven important locations. Each artwork – a litho-sculpture – draws attention to the hidden dimensions and interconnections of the landscape – info boards also accompany the interested hiker. Guided all-day hikes are offered.

Hiking Path of Legends

At the entrance to Gastein valley, 10 lovingly designed info boards use words and pictures to provide insights and perspectives on Gastein’s rich treasure trove of legends. Along an idyllic hiking path full of variety, you are able to immerse yourself in the ancient secrets of our valley, and see with your own eyes many of the sites which are the basis for these legends. Discover the theme paths of Gastein valley during your next hiking vacation in Austria. We invite you to send us a no-obligation booking enquiry right now.