Official website of Bellevue Alm in Bad Gastein:
Address: Bellevue Alm Weg 6, 5640 Bad Gastein, AUSTRIA
Phone: +43 699 1045 8657
Fax: +43 (0) 64 34 3881-26

If you are going to visit Bad Gastein, then the legendary Bellevue Alm, located directly on the Stubnerkogel route, write down on your list of places that are mandatory. This restaurant was first mentioned in 1421, which means that its age is almost 600 years. From Bellevue Alm you have a breathtaking view of the city Bad Gastein, and it is not without reason called the “Mother of Huts”.
When you enter Bellevue Alm, you will most likely immediately take a breath. Ancient logs, worn-out boards, carved furniture, old paintings give the comfort and uniqueness of Bellevue Alm. Sometimes it seems that this is a picture from a book with fairy tales.

Who stayed in Bellevue Alm?

Bellevue Alm is one of the legendary Austrian ski lodges. It became famous outside of Austria in the fifties, when the traditional grand hotel “Wührers” transformed Bellevue Alm to a landmark city. “Cozy, but only the best,” was the motto that was very consistently applied in all the details, down to the pool with magnificent sculptures of cheerful deer. Bellevue Alm in Bad Gastein has seen famous guests from all over the world:

  • King Ibn Saud
  • Shah Reza Pahlavi
  • Merl Oberon
  • Billy Wilder

We named only some of those who inhaled the fresh mountain air here and enjoyed the magnificent view. Recently Hugh Grant honored Bellevue Alm with his visit. Hotel Bellevue Alm is also a traditional place for filming and television productions.

How is Bellevue Alm remembered in Bad Gastein?

Restaurant Bellevue Alm in Bad GasteinDown the valley on a sleigh along one of the best bobsled seats in the Austrian Alps is almost as legendary as Bellevue Alm himself. It should be noted that such a ride also requires a certain courage, and a little schnapps in this situation will be very appropriate. In any case, the trip is a terrific fun, remembered for many years!

You’ve never seen such an alpine hut before. Warm up by the open fireplace and enjoy a beautiful red wine, hot chocolate. And the old talisman which will mischievously dance over the fire. The atmosphere in Bellevue Alm makes you feel that you are in the right place at the right time, the feeling that you do not want to leave. You will quickly find a common language with your loved one sitting by the fireplace, and share this unique emotion – Bellevue Alm Feeling! And rest assured that such an evening will remain in your memory for a long time.

What dishes will please you in Bellevue Alm?

No less interesting is Bellevue Alm and from a culinary point of view. Traditional delicacies from Austrian cuisine will not leave you indifferent. Our specialties:

  • Pork ribs – “Ripperl”
  • Delicious Beef Rinderfilet
  • Bellevue Alm Fondue, which became classics

Thanks to them you will love Bellevue Alm. However, this establishment also has special dishes, between the main dishes, they are:

  • «Kasknödel» – dumplings with cheese
  • «Topfenstrudel on apricot mirror» – home preparation

Of course, in Bellevue Alm there are chicken pieces, and Wiener Schnitzel with pasta, but be sure that whatever you choose – everything will be fresh, contain the best home ingredients, and, most importantly, cooked with love …

Among the drinks is an excellent selection of wines with a good combination of inexpensive but exceptional. Bellevue Alm cooks excellent coffee with a rich selection of flavors, including “Zirbenschnaps”, home-made.

What Bellevue Alm offer for the guests in summer?

Restaurant Bellevue Alm in Bad GasteinAnd in summer in Bellevue Alm you will have a unique highlight – the presence of a natural swimming pool just above the house. Its crystal clear spring water will cool you for a second on hot days.

For the newlyweds there is a special festive program, which will never be forgotten by you or your guests. Everyone will be charmed in Bellevue Alm. Your wedding dreams will come true in this special place.

Impressions of Bellevue Alm will not leave you! Life offers few such unique moments. And we live for them!