Festive time in Gastein as summer draws to a close

As the rays of sunshine gradually become milder, penetrating through the changing tones of the forest at a slightly lower angle now, then we know the time has come to greet the autumn! We invite you to celebrate this wonderful time of year with the people who work and live in Gastein valley!

Authentic traditions and festivals

Authentic, unadulterated folk customs and traditions nurtured throughout the centuries paint for you a colorful picture of life in Gastein. At the end of August, Harvest Festival begins with a high-spirited opening festival. The people of Gastein valley present themselves and their communities in all their festive finery. This also includes their „Tracht“, their unmistakable, traditional folk costumes. During Harvest Festival season, which lasts until the end of October, you can look forward to collecting an array of new, memorable impressions!

As you stop in at area mountain huts, you will be able to enjoy musicians performing old folk music. A hike through the hill country will suddenly turn into a celebration, as you encounter a so-called „Almabtrieb“, when festively decorated cattle are driven from their grazing grounds in the high pastures back to their barns in the valley below. At the farmers‘ markets, you can sample all kinds of delicious treats from Gastein. And a traditional „Schafbratl“, a mutton roast generally prepared after the sheep have returned to the valley, is also definitely not to be missed.

Fun and games for children

Fun and games are at the heart of the program for children, including an enjoyable Punch & Judy show and a chance to bake bread at a mountain hut, while the parents can enjoy a hike in the hills or perhaps a bit of a „knees-up“ at one of the country fairs during Harvest Festival.

Join us as we celebrate, and enjoy an autumn holiday in Gastein valley! Amid the home-style atmosphere of our hotels and lodging establishments, you will find the peace and relaxation you seek – recharging your batteries for the next, high-spirited day of Harvest Festival!